Monday, December 3, 2012

New House

This is the new house we are moving to. It is right on the Housatonic River. It is on just under 2 acres. One huge section of the yard on the side of the house is fenced in, so it's perfect for kids, animals, chickens...

The upstairs is a finished attic with bay window and window seats. I think these 2 rooms will be my craft rooms and storage for all my shop items.

It has a huge back porch that wraps around the house. 

This is the living room and giant fireplace.

This is the front porch. 

The kitchen is perfect. White cabinets... black and white checkered floor. I am going to decorate it in aqua, red, and pink... a little brighter than what I usually do. 

IT HAS A LIBRARY!!! You have no idea how happy and excited this makes me! I finally have someplace to put all my books.

And the dining room walls are wallpapered with vintage Rolling Stone magazine covers. There are 2 built in china hutches in the dining room and huge picture windows covering one whole wall overlooking the Housatonic River. 


Mary said...

Rebecca, it looks like a wonderful house.I'd love to have you join us for the SNAP Challenge. You are right about the funds varying from one state to another.I provided a link in my post.If you think you'd like to participate keep me informed at oneperfectbite at yahoodot com. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

bec said...

how is it that I have only just discovered your blog...where have I been! very excited for you moving into a lovely home,
happy to be a new follower
a fellow rebecca
Bec x

Leann said...

Oh it's lovely - love that wrap around porch!!!

And the view must be wonderful...Mr. OP would love to live on a river.


Anonymous said...

Precioso sitio!
Con tu permiso me quedo para seguirte, te deseo una hermosas fiestas llenas de paz y armonía junto a tus seres más queridos!
Abrazos infinitos desde Uruguay!

¨¨¨¨**o**♥***♥*o* “
****o***♥**o***o***♥ *