Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming Soon!!

Don't forget to enter in my first ever blog giveaway!! All of these treasures could be yours. The last day to enter is September 3rd, and I will be picking a winner on September 4th. You can enter by leaving a comment on the original post of the giveaway.
I have decided to go ahead and give having an online shop another go. So this week I have been working on building a website and finding/making lots of pretty treasures to put in it. Here is a little peek into some of the treats you will find in my shop...
...some sweet sugary treats
...some sparkly pink glass glitter
... shimmery mica flakes
... some pretty flowers
...a really nice selection of pretty ribbons
...and of course lots of chandelier crystals~perfect for crafts, redoing a chandelier, or as Christmas tree ornaments.

There will be lots more too, refinished treasures and furniture. Vintage finds and pretty teacups plus lots more. Everything will be pretty and crafty. As you can tell I am very excited and I can't wait to share all of my finds with you.

I am not sure when I will open up the shop, but I have been working very hard to get the website running and looking the way I want it, and trying to find lots of special treats to put in.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Us Your Rooster Party

Cock-a-doodle doo!!!!!
Today is the day!! Bella Vista's Show Us Your Rooster Party. What Fun!! I can't wait to see everyone's pretty roosters. I made these pretty rooster tags.

I can't wait until I get home from work so I can get online and look at everyone else's lovely roosters.

I had planned to go out shopping and get a rooster of my own. Unfortunately, circumstances did not work out in my favor and I was not able to get out as planned. I was however able to make two really pretty tags that have been roosterfied. YAY!! I made a new word!!

As we all know pink and sky blue is one of my fave color combinations.

These were really fun to make. Maybe more fun than going out shopping. And they are still pretty roosters!!

I hope one day to have real roosters when I have my farm. (wink*wink*) These are called Phoenix, it is a rare breed of chicken. I just love the extra long sweeping tail on the rooster!! From what I hear they are nice roosters, and not at all cranky as some roosters can be.

I can't wait to see all the other Party-Goers' Roosters!!!
**Don't forget to check out yesterday's post for my very first giveaway ever!!! **

My First Award and A Giveaway!!

I am so so so excited, I won an award!!! WOOHOO!! The very fabulous Susie of Susie's Country Cottage has given me this wonderful award. The winner must list their 5 biggest obsessions, so here goes...
#1 Blogging and Talking w/ my new blogging friends
#2 Drives in The Country w/ Hubby
#3 Thrifting/Flea Markets
#4 Crafts/Refinishing furniture
#5 Cooking/Baking

I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog posts and leaves comments and all of you lovely people who I have emailed with. I really and truly value all of my new blogging friends. This is such a lovely and friendly community. I am so enjoying my time blogging and also reading so many pretty and funny friendly blogs!!! This is such a great outlet of creativity for so many people.

First Day of School Today. These are my 16 and 14 year olds. What cheeky guys they are. The 14 year old thinks it's funny, he is as tall as his brother if he stands on the top step. They are both in high school now!!
My baby. Entering the 4th grade.
Okay, now the fun part. I am hosting my very own giveaway!! One lucky winner will get all these goodies. Here is the list of treats:

*6 Victorian Tags
*Chandelier Crystals
*1 yd mint green velvet ricrac
* 1 yd pink velvet ricrac
*1 yd reversible pink/chocolate polka dot ribbon
*1 yd reversible blue/pink polka dot ribbon
*Some milinery flowers
*A pretty jar of sparkling mica flakes
*A vintage blue bobbin-Great for holding your ribbons
*A Shabby Key Lime green tin with pretty pink roses
*Some Victorian Scraps
Here is a close up of the tags. Sweet Reversible Ribbons~ 1 yard of each.
All of these chandelier crystals. They are a lot prettier in person than in the photo.

These are just some of the milinery flowers. There are also some pretty pansies that you can see in the big photo. I really love these tiny forget me nots though. And this pretty painted tin is perfect to hold some of your little treasures.
Please leave a comment on this post with your name and email address by September 3rd. I will be choosing a winner on Friday September 4th.
Don't forget, tomorrow is Bella Vista's Show Us Your Roosters Party. I was hoping to get out and buy a pretty rooster just for the occasion, but seeing as the car isn't running right now I will be making some pretty rooster-y crafts for the party. Hopefully homemade is okay.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Prize Arrived!!

Oh joy!! Today is the day. I came home from work to find that my oh-so-lovely prize from Roseberry Cottage had arrived!! Hooray!! I had so much trouble containing myself when I came home and saw the package sitting in the living room. Hubby was trying to talk to me and I was so busy opening the box and looking at all this eye candy. I had to stop myself to go get my camera!!
How did Carol know I love pink?? It has pretty pink tissue and even the packing peanuts are pink!!
The linens came wrapped in this pretty box and tied with pretty pink ribbon!!
There was even some yummy lavender potpourri. It smells so delicious!
A special note!! Thank you Carol!! This is all beautiful! I love this doily. It is going to live on my shabby hutch with my teacups!!
This is the first of the 2 gorgeous embroidered handkerchieves that Carol sent me.
Here is the other. Aren't these just too much? I love all of the violets, and the fabric is so delicate and feminine.
Here is my favorite part, the beautiful teacup and saucer set and the little dessert plate. All decorated with such pretty violets.
I love all of these. What beautiful and very generous prizes!! I still cannot believe that I won so many goodies.
Thank you so much Carol!!!

Please go visit her gorgeous store in all its pink-ness.

Show your Roosters!!!!!

Also... please go visit Barb at Bella Vista for her lovely Show Us Your Roosters Party!!!!

I can't wait!! I am going out shopping for a rooster!!! So much fun!!
Gotta sign up by August 27th.
The party is August 28th!!
Oh and p.s. I will have another surprise to tell you tomorrow!! Check back!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Much Needed Advice

I think I am addicted to shopping lately. I have tons of projects to start and some I already started that really need to be finished, but it has been so hot I just don't seem to get anything done...except shopping for more pretties. I love these little flowers. They are papery and cute.

I got a great deal on some Cath Kidston fabrics.
I thought this velvet ric rac was just so cute I couldn't resist.
These aren't vintage buttons, but they were so bright and colorful I just had to get them. I also have a few more treats on the way. I'll show you as soon as they arrive.
And since I have so many goodies lately, and because I won my first giveaway last week. I want to host my own 1st giveaway soon. Keep checking will be before the end of the month. That gives me some time to gather some really pretty goodies for you!!
And I treated myself to some pink loveliness!!
More flowery goodness. I love hydrangeas, but all my bushes outside are deep blues and purples. These white ones are so pretty.
Some Gerbera Daisies, and pink hydrangeas in the mix.
And since it was so hot we all went out for some much needed ice cream again yesterday. Rose Orchards in Branford is right up the street. I don't know why we have never been there before. After we ate our ice cream, we took a walk around. There was this adorable water wheel and they had some farm animals for the kids to see including some goats and horses. Usually we can see llamas when we drive by, but they must have been keeping cool becuase we couldn't see them anywhere.
Okay, now I need some advice please. I have been thinking about reopening my online shop again. I stopped selling online last year right after Christmas, but I miss it. It wasn't much...I had some pretty chandeliers and chandelier crystals, some refinished shabby furniture, and a few cute little things I made. Well I have been thinking about starting up again. Maybe adding in a few more items this time.

What do you think, should I give it another go?? Let me know.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I absolutely can't believe it. I entered in the giveaway at The Roseberry Cottage and Carol just sent me an email to tell me I actually won. This is my first time winning a giveaway. It's actually my first time winning anything... except for a sombrero I won when I was 11. This is the first time I've ever won anything so nice and sooo pretty.

Carol's giveaway was for a gorgeous dessert set, two beautiful vintage hankies, and a vintage doily. Let me tell you, I will be outside waiting by my mailbox. I am so excited. I should be in bed since I have to get up for work at 2am, but I just can't sleep.
Thank You Carol!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekend Over

Hello Belle Readers, It has been a semi busy couple of days...or maybe a lazy couple of days I guess, depending on how you look at it. The most important thing is I had two days off from work so at least they were relaxing. Here is a little showing of what I have been up to.
I finally got these two sconces finished. Sorry about the lighting conditions, I couldn't wait to take some pics and it was starting to get dark already. For those who haven't seen the before photo you can see it here. Not sure if I will put it up for sale on eBay or in my Etsy shop, or take it up to the little shop by my house.
These have been keeping me nice and busy. Bought the lot of them on eBay for cheap. They are older issues, but I don't mind that at all. They are still just as beautiful.
Went for a drive earlier today and snapped some photos from the car. This is of the Long Island Sound. I love the stormy sky!!
This adorable little rose bush was a gift from my friend Lorie at work on Tuesday. I love the green stripes on the petals.
This was Pierre yesterday morning. I know better than to put anything on the botton shelf of this hutch. It is one of his favorite places when he's hot and lazy. Right before I took this photo he was happily eating some little strawberries.
We had a nice tea yesterday morning for breakfast. The kids like to go fancy and set the table with a pretty tablecloth and a teaset. This strawberry set was a gift from my Nanna in England. It is Alex's favorite set.
Alex being shy about his morning bed-head and nursing his hot cup of tea.
I finally made a trip to Home Goods Tuesday on my way home from work. This is my new favorite teacup. I love the little dessert plate that goes under the saucer. You can never have too many things with roses on them. I wish they had a whole set of china, but all they had were teasets. Oh well, it's still gorgeous. Glad I found it. I know I'll be stopping in there a lot more often.
That's it for today. Should have another post soon. Maybe for Show and Tell Sunday.