Monday, September 28, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

I am so excited...this is my very first Tea Things Tuesday. It is hosted by the very lovely Kim at Shabby Pink and Pretty.

For my first Tea day I would love to show you my very fave teapot. It was a present from Hubby a long time ago. It is covered in my fave color roses!!

The lid has this adorable pink rose on it.

Isn't it lovely??

I am so happy to be able to participate this week. I can't wait to see everyone else's pretty Tea Things.

There is still time for you to join my giveaway. If you want to join you have to visit my last post here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Saturday, A Giveaway, & Shop Opening Today!!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!! Grab a cuppa, it's another long post (but filled with lots of pretties). I love any excuse for lots of pink!! What can I show you today?? ♥ How about a pink filled giveaway. I want to celebrate because my online shop has its Grand Opening today!! Please stop in for a visit at my new Belle Maison shop. Let me know what you think, tell me if any of the links don't work for you. Okay now let's get to the giveaway goodies!!

Let's start with some glitter in my fave color!!

How about these pretty roses. They are scented bath petals. They will make your bath so relaxing and yummy smelling.

Of course, some pretty pink millinery forget me nots, because what is a pinky giveaway without some millinery.

Let's add a jar of old fashioned mica flakes. oooohh sooo sparkly!! I have some for sale in my shop too.

I will add this sweet tag to the prize.

Some colorful ribbons. They are reversible too!! You will get a yard of each color. If you love ribbons like I do, check out my trims pages for a huge selection.

More millinery.

These cutie~pie clips are meant as hair clips, but I think they are perfect for holding a length of ribbon.

Some crystal bling!! Lots of these in my shop.

Here is everything that is included in the giveaway, plus I will slip in a couple extra surprises for the winner!! Please leave a comment by October 3rd, on this post only to be entered in the giveaway. If you want to tell about my giveaway on your blog that would be awesome too. I always think the more the merrier.
I have a Belle Maison button in the top of my sidebar. Feel free to add it to your blog if you wish, make sure to link it back to me. I will be picking a winner on October 4th.

This is a collage of just some of the goodies I have in my online shop! There are lots of items with FREE Shipping. Plus some really great deals on pretty things!!

Lots of glitter, trims, bling, and pretty pinks (and other pretty colors)

Happy Pink Saturday!!
Go visit the lovely Beverly to see all the PS participants for this week.

I have two new blog recommendations this week. They are both yummy foodie blogs. Enjoy!!

#1 Standing at the Kitchen Door You have to scroll down to see her recipe for caramel apples!!! OMGoodness!!!

#2 Thibeault's Table more delicious recipes!!

Autumn Is in the Air

Autumn is definitely in the air today. We got some Indian corn at the farm up the street where we get the best fresh corn in the world.

Buttermilk Pie. OMGoodness. Thanks MaryJane for the delicious recipe. I made two pies and gave one to my neighbor.

My neighbor came back the next day to give us some apple pie. Mmmm yummy!!!

Apple butter is a New England staple. Plus when we make it the house smells so good all day!! My kids love it for breakfast. It is so good.

Come back tomorrow for Pink Saturday. I am having a giveaway!!
My online shop's Grand Opening is tomorrow!!! YAY!!! I am so excited. The mosaic above is a little peek inside my shop.
There will be lots of pretty chandelier crystals, crafting goodies, ribbons and trims, and lots more!!
Plus don't forget about the giveaway tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Much Needed East Coast Event!!!

Okay, so I am always reading about these events from the West Coast for these beautiful 2-3 day events. They are like a flea market, but everything is shabby, and pink, and pretty, and vintage, and fabulous, and gorgeous!!! They sound like so much fun!!! I always want to attend one, but can't obviously afford to leave work and my family for several days and travel and get a hotel... soooooo...

I would love to do something like that out here. A Shabby Show if you will!! There are several of you lovely, and talented ladies from CT, NY, Mass, and RI (Hi Elyse!!) I was thinking that maybe we could all get together and rent a space maybe set something up like a craft show/flea market. I'm thinking lots of pretty tables and displays. Before Christmas would be a great time to do it!!

Does anyone else think this is a good idea?? Is it feasible?? Do we have enough interested people out here in New England/New York region?? Where is a good place to have it?? I'm thinking somewhere in CT is right in the middle of NY, RI, and Mass. Even a one day event would be so much fun!! Okay, so it might be too late to plan one for this autumn, let's get together and plan one for either the Spring (pre-Easter would be a pretty time of year to have a shabby event) or Autumn of 2010!!!

This is what I'm thinking:
♥ Handmade items
♥ Fabrics and Trims
♥ Pretty Handmade Jewelry
♥ Altered Books
♥ Scrapbook Supplies
♥ Craft Supplies
♥ Shabby Finds (flea market re~do's)
♥Tags and Pretty Paper Items
♥ Painted Goodies
♥ Anything Pretty, Shabby, Pink, etc...
♥ Could be Vintage or New

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Pink Treats

I got a sweet treat in my mailbox today...actually it was delivered yesterday, but I forgot to check the mail when we got home from the Guilford Fair yesterday. I ordered these sweet autumn treats from Stefanie at her lovely Rose Petals and Rust Shop and they are here!!! YAY!!!

Everything was wrapped up so pretty and she sent me this sugary sweet tag as well. How did she know I love cupcakes??

Pretty, pink, sweet, and glittery!! Everything I love!!

We had so much fun yesterday at the Fair. There were no pig races this year but there were trapeze artists, games, rides, food, food, and... oh yes, food.

Alex rode on a big kids ride for the first time. Up until this year he has only been on the smaller kids rides. I guess I'm too protective? Funny he is in seat number 10 and he will be 10 years old in a couple of weeks. He had so much fun on the ride he went again as soon as he got off. He loved seeing all the other kids at the fair. All 3 boys had a lot of fun. They also ate lots of carnival food...cotton candy, pizza, corndogs, soda. We ended up going home with lots of stuffed animal prizes and 2 new goldfish that Alex won in a ball toss.

I loved seeing all of the farm animal exhibits, especially the chickens and roosters. Bunnies are another favorite for the whole family since we have had rabbits as pets for about 9+ years.

Don't forget, my online shop Grand opening is this Saturday the 26th!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty Pinks For Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!!!
This post is going to be longer than my usual Pink Saturday post, but I have so many pretty things I want to share. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee, if you are so inclined) and enjoy!!

First, I can't resist showing you these two pretty pink fabrics I just found. They are gorgeous sheer fabrics with embroidered roses. Oh they are so pretty. I haven't decided what to do with them, though I think I have a great project idea in mind. The first one is the cotton candy pink roses on a sheer pale pink fabric. It is so cheerful and pink!!

The second fabric is much brighter. It is an ivory sheer with different tones of deep pink roses embroidered on. I love this one and hopefully I can show you a finished project in a week or so. I am thinking about adding them to my shop. I got them at such a great price, they would be nice to share.
We went for a visit to my mother in law's house. She had a gift waiting for me for no reason!!

There was a huge bag stuffed with treasures, These cute baking cups covered in pink hearts, 2 extra large cup muffin tins, a new pretty butter dish, some adorable kitchen towels with gingerbread men ready for Christmas.

A beautiful table cloth and set of matching linen napkins. (I know, not pink...but so cutie~pie...I love them)
Some pretty ivory lace curtains. So many pretty gifts.
Then when I got home, more treasures waiting in my mailbox.

These lovelies arrived from Tami at Pink Butter Creme. Oh my goodness am I a happy girl. They are so pretty and so prettily wrapped. And my birthday was last month. What a lovely day (it is the first day of my time off from work)
Just look at the beautiful teacup tie~ons above!! Ooohh La La!!

These little teapot cupcake picks are just adorable. I won't be home to bake tomorrow (I'll tell you why later in the post). But Sunday afternoon I will be making some fluffy pink cupcakes with these on top!!

Everything is so prettily painted and decorated. Lots of millinery flowers, and everything so prettily wrapped with ribbons and more millinery.

Tami even sent an extra special present for me...this cutie~pie magnet, which I promptly stuck right to the fridge. So pretty in my kitchen!!

After a long, nice day...I was feeling crafty so I made these tags. They are brighter than my normal colors, but I love the combination of the tangerine and the many shades of pinks. What a great color duo!! Plus I think the tangerine is a lovely color for autumn.
Tomorrow is a special day. The Guilford Fair is this weekend and we can't wait to go. Hubby had his stitches removed this morning and is feeling better so hopefully we will all have fun.
At last years fair I had the best corndog I ever have tasted. I have waited a full year for another one. I think I will have to get more than one. They are really that good. They hand~dip each one before frying them up. mmmmmm!! so yummy!! Plus they have racing piggies at the fair every year and little Alex has been practicing for the dart toss game.
Then on Sunday I am getting up at 5am to go Flea Marketing. There is a nice one called the Elephants Trunk every Sunday, but I've only been once and that was back in the spring. We'll probably stop for breakfast on the way. There are always lots of vendors, including some plants and flower growers. I hope there are some bargains to find!!

Now I am off to read as many Pink Saturday posts as I can!!

Oops, almost forgot. I have two new blogs for you to visit this week.
The first is Everyday Beauty seriously this blog has such pretty eye candy.

The second is Everything Vintage, which is just filled with lovely photos and so much fun stuff.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A little Show and Tell

Happy Monday!! I was sorting through some of my in my studio this weekend and came across this box of old valentines I had just about forgotten about.

This is a Lane mini cedar chest I re~did years ago. It has a tiny little key so you can lock it up if you wish.

My Father in Law makes his living buying and selling antiques. Mostly old war memorabilia lots from WWI and WWII, but even some older items from the Civil War. Anyway he found me these old valentines and Victorian scraps years ago.

There are tons of them.

I even had this old paper doll dress in with the Valentines. It must be fairly vintage, because the back of it looks like it was cut out of an old magazine, maybe from the early 60's or the 50's.

These different colored boot scraps are pretty.

More Victorian pretties.
♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥

Now I want to introduce you to Sheryn. Her beautiful and shabby blog is Pink and Pretty Designs. She makes gorgeous extras like buttons and headers and backgrounds for blogs and websites. Please go check her out. She has lots of freebies for your blog too (like the I ♥ Pink badge above).

She made me this pretty little button especially for my blog, and she is going to help me with my website too.

(aargghhh! I am still trying to get more pretty stuff in my shop by the 26th)

And her prices are really low. Just tell her what you are looking for and she can make it. I love the cutie~pie polka dots and pink girly roses she did on my button.
♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥
p.s. If you like my pretty button, please feel free to grab it for your sidebar. Just link it back to my blog.

Friday, September 11, 2009

YAY!!! Pink Saturday!!

Hello, and welcome to another lovely Pink Saturday. Hope you all had fun since last week. I can't wait to show you the project I've been working on...
For my second Pink Saturday post I want to show you this pink ice bucket. I was procrastinating a bit even though I meant to finish it a while ago. Then I had to wait for the pretty knob to arrive to put on top. It is finally finished though.
I painted it in the palest of pale pinks. I love this soft romantic color. It was a dark brown before the re~do. I think I have a before photo on another post somewhere I will try to find it for you.
I also added the lovely little drops on each side. I think they add a nice bit of cottage charm to the piece. I think I may still shabby it up a little, then I will be adding it to my shop. Don't forget the Grand Opening of my shop is going to be on September 26th. I will be hosting a fun giveaway that day too, so make sure you come back to visit.
For my new blog introduction this week I am really happy to show you Down To Earth. This wonderful woman from Australia (Rhonda) is amazing, and so is her blog. She blogs, has a forum, has posts teaching canning, cooking, time management, and organic gardening to name just a few of her talents. She also has you know I love her. Please check out her is awesome!!!
Now I'm off to read as many of your Pink Saturday posts as I can!