Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Snow Monday

Yay!! More snow on Monday. Thankfully my boss called and said not to try to drive into work. This was a pretty bad storm. Tons of snow and lots of strong wind. The plows didn't even come by until almost 8 o'clock at night.

This is the same table you can see from the photo in my last post. That should give you an idea of how much snow we got here. It is so pretty, the snow makes everything look clean and bright.

I will have more photos of my candle sconces project for you on Friday. I have a three day weekend coming up. Hopefully I will get a chance to relax for a bit, although I have a huge to do list to tackle. Maybe I can convince my hubbie to make a fire in the fireplace one last time this season.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Blizzard!!

Well...we are getting yet another blizzard. It took me almost two hours to get home from work. I snapped some nice photos of the snow though.

This one is a pic of the front of my house through the snowflakes. It is really coming down hard and fast.

This one is a photo from my kitchen door to my driveway. Unfortunately we are expecting up to 14 inches in total accumulation and I am sure the ride to work tomorrow will be messy.
Saturday I found these shabby brass sconces.

I am in the process of a makeover. Giving them a little love and some bling. Hopefully they will be even more beautiful when I finish them.
Here is my lazy girl. I am so happy not to be the only girl in my house anymore.