Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Mosaic Monday

This is my first time making a mosaic like this. Thanks to Cindy from Romantic Home for the inspiration, and Dear Little Red House for the tutorial. I had fun running around my house taking photos of some of my favorite things, plus I already had a few photos on Flickr.

I took this pic yesterday at Haddam Meadow State Park, we had such a fun day. We explored the park and all the little beaches on the Connecticut River. We ate a picnic lunch and walked around for a while. Doesn't the sky with the clouds look awesome. My hubby loves clouds, he is a science major and just finished up meteorology last semester. So he loves to tell us the names of all the clouds.

I am so happy, tomorrow is my last day at work before my (almost) 10 day vacation. I only have to go in for one day in the middle of my vacation for a meeting. Luckily we are having the meeting at Sakura restaurant, and I love Japanese food.

I can't wait for my time off so I can do some un-packing. I have been missing some of my favorite things around the house. Especially my garden and cookbooks, a few projects I packed away before they were finished, and my art stuff.
This is where I'll be spending a lot of my time off!! Down on our lake. Hubby wants me to try kayaking, I've never tried before. He goes with the kids all the time, but I am always a chicken.

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Susie's country cottage said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks so much for commenting on and following my blog. Is that your own lake? That's amazing. I see you have recently purchased a farm house so I wish you lots of success with it.