Monday, July 26, 2010

Some treasures!

This weekend I spent the entire weekend going to Estate sales, flea markets, tag sales, garage sales, moving sales... I drove all over most of the state of Connecticut!
I found several pieces of lovely furniture...
I have to give them all a good cottage style makeover though.
Even though I just took these "before" photos I can already see in my mind what the after will look like.
I can't wait to show you!
This matching set is so cute...
I kinda like the green, but don't think they will stay that color for long.
Ha! Can you see my favorite magazine??
Romantic Homes of course...
It seems everytime I pick one up, someone I know from blogging is featured...
Elyse from Cottage, Koralee from Bluebird Notes
I love both of their blogs...and Elyse's house puts mine to shame! All I can say is wow!
Both of their blogs are eye candy for sure♥
I am addicted to these vintage canning jars...I love these aqua blue ones the best.
I found 2 really old ones with zinc lids. 
I also worked hard to finish some projects. I have had this one for over a year. I figured I can't keep buying things if I never finish any. I gave these canisters a shabby coat of white, and filled them up with some lovely pink treasures. I don't know if you can see those sparkly pink stars in the middle canister. I had a swap with a girl on Etsy. She folds these amazing stars out of paper then makes them all pretty and glittery.
This pink shelf is another one that has been waiting for far too long. It is a vintage shelf, solid wood which is rare now in the age of laminate. It got some layers of different cottage pinks and a really pretty rose swag. It came out really good.


This is my absolute favorite piece. It is a vintage beautiful lamp. It got two layers of aqua paint in different shades for a little depth. The shade is made of strings of crystal prisms...These are the most perfect and gorgeous chandelier crystals I have ever seen. They are cut with so many facets. I have never seen crystals this perfect before. These give off so many rainbows. The whole room dances with rainbows when a sunbeam hits this lamp. The photos don't even come close to doing this lamp justice!

That's it for now...

I hope you liked seeing some of my treasures from this weekend!

I promise not to take so long turning these "befores" into "afters"♥


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Just beautiful finds! I guess you have a pretty large vehicle! LOL Can't wait to see what you do with your new treasures. :) Theresa

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Great finds LOVE what you do with them. congratulations on getting your Sweetie involved, it's great to have the help at spotting things.


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

What great pieces you found! My husband loves to go treasure hunting but his idea of treasures and mine are a bit different! ;)

Sandra said...

I love your little tables, the pink shelf is gorgeous, your tea cups wonderful.
Your finished project, Great!
And your lamp, what can I say about your lamp?
Just one word: perfect.
Love from Spain

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Theresa, You have no car was packed. We had to come home and unload then go out for more!

Holly, yeah mine has different ideas from me too...He likes any military stuff the most. He's a history buff though.


My Life Under the Bus said...

Love Romantic Homes .Have you seen the latest Victoria magazine ???? It might be a special edition *Rooms of Bliss* just gorgeous !!! Love the little turquoise lamp.