Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

We never lived anywhere for very long when I was a kid. The longest we ever lived somewhere was 3.5 years. The shortest was about 5 months, and there were a couple of places that were only 6 months each. When I was in the fifth and sixth grade we lived in Pacific Beach Washington. It was a very small community lots of logging, and shake mills, and that sort of thing. But I loved it. I think Washington State was one of my favorite places that I lived in. There was always so much to do. My family used to take lots of trips to Seattle and places like Blake Island...which by the way has the best salmon feast I have ever tasted in my life. Anyway on my 11th birthday my family took me to Seattle for a day of fun at an amusement park and sightseeing and shopping. That day was the first time I ever rode on a rollercoaster. My friend Rhonda Tarr came with me. Oh boy did we have fun. I got the big pink seashell below that day. The rest are pretty shells I have collected over the years, but the big pink one is always my favorite!! And it doesn't hurt that it is my favorite color.

Happy pink Saturday

p.s. I am thinking about going out to Washington State next summer for the Farm Chicks show. If anyone reading this has ever been please email me got some questions for ya.

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Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi Rebecca :) That shell would be my favorite too! I don't have ALL my truffles gone....yet, lol:) And I did share some with my family, just 1 each though, LOL :)

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Warmest Hugs, Brenda

2boysblue said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you! Your story and shell is lovely! You and I think alike! Although I am from Eastern NC and have never been to Washington state, I love the color Pink and can not imagine my world without it!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Rebecca! :) I love those seashells. I had them when I was little. I remember my parents buying me one after a visit to Mystic Seaport. I would spend all my time holding it up to my ear, thinking that I was hearing the ocean. :) Enjoy your weekend! Theresa

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

The shells look lovely against the rose back ground, Rebecca!!

Loved reading your tale of WA. It will always be "home" to me- no matter where I am. We were here in Idaho in time for the Farm Chicks show this year but I was too tired to go since I wasn't sleeping well. I heard the line was a mile long, although that might have been an exageration- maybe not!

I plan to go next year and hopefully, I'll be able to meet you and some of the area bloggers here! ♥

Becky said...

What a special memory and how lovely that you still have the shell. Lovely choice for today. Happy Pink Saturday.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a very special pic of your seashells ~ thanks for sharing such a sweet childhood memory! Wouldn't it be fun if you heard from your little friend again?!?


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh, how pretty! I too love seashells. That is a lovely one!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thank you for sharing! Happy Pink Saturday! Esther XX

someplace in thyme said...

You didn't mention why you moved around so much, but I wonder if you were a military family. I love Seattle and was lucky enough to spend a couple years living in Bothell just north of Seattle. It's a great state. Love the shell, very pretty colors. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Anne said...

I love your sea shell. Such a pretty pink. I to love seashells. I took your poll. Hubby does the bar-b-quing. But I do sometimes. I love polls. I had some polls to on my blog. It's hard to get bloggers to participate. Even if I happen to come across a blog that I'm not following, I'll still take their poll if they have one up. There so much fun I think.

Leann said...

I always think of seashells as romantic, but throw in that soft shade of pink and WOW!