Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog-Belle Maison (Beautiful Home) I think the title sums up what this blog is about. Life, Family, Good Food, and the beautiful things I love.

Luckily no work today, so I spent the morning and early afternoon driving around with my hubby. We stopped for pastry and some delicious peppermint hot chocolate in Durham at this cute little cafe that specializes in Crepes-they have any kind of crepe imaginable. There were a couple of items on the menu I can't wait to go back and try. One in particular was a crepe filled with chunks of chicken, fresh mozzerella, and roasted red peppers. yummy!!!

Okay, This is my first creation. It is really heavy. It was a beautiful old table which I have refinished in a pale ivory-barely pink color. It is for sale on Belle Maison. I especially love the rose swag appliques on top. If you can't tell I am proud of my first piece.

We found this cutie pie about a month ago... or should I say she found us.

We haven't exactly agreed on a name yet. I think her name is going to be Kitty. Not exactly creative, but at least it fits this time. Our old rabbit was named Cow, so the new cat should be glad we got it right this time.

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Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Ah-ha! I found your first post! ☺ I think your "table" turned out wonderful! ♥